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Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Impact Calculator

Interested in switching to a modern fund accounting solution, but want to understand the impact to your top and bottom lines? Run the numbers for yourself with our impact calculator, 哪个使用990数据, 您提供的输入, and benchmarks from organizations like yours to calculate the time and money your team and organization could save.



Financial Planning and Analysis

通过Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT无与伦比的报告,监控程序效能和计划未来, 预算, 和分析工具.

  • 对未来的年份进行预算, so your organization can prioritize its expenditures, 评估其资金需求, and make comparisons across fiscal years
  • 快速更新开箱即用的符合FASB的报告,以满足您的报告要求
  • 轻松地与整个组织的团队成员和非财务用户共享演示就绪的报告
  • 查看关键信息并深入了解使用可配置仪表板的事务的更详细信息, 深入的记录, 和自定义报告



Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT支持您的组织的政策,以帮助实现您想要的控制环境.

  • 用行业领先的工具,证明你对道德会计实践的承诺,以防止欺诈, 浪费性支出, 违反政策
  • Structure the control environment to fit your organizational needs, and enforce your control activities through automated workflows
  • Monitor ongoing activity to gauge how your controls are affecting real behavior
  • Enforce your control activities through automated workflows




  • Complete grant administrative tasks within one system, limiting the need for spreadsheets and reducing costly errors
  • 按类型跟踪你的资助, 状态, 量, and start/end dates with built-in fields in detailed grant records
  • Store grant-related information in one place—such as grantor contact details, 批准的预算, 可补偿费用, 和更多的—so you never have to hunt for files again
  • Manage grant activity using custom date ranges, not organizational fiscal year


Working Capital and Expense Management

With Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, you can effectively 管理 cash flow and employee 费用 at your organization.

  • 管理你的现金流, 应付账款, and accounts receivable with efficient workflows, 自动审批, and other time-saving functionality
  • Eliminate time- and resource-consuming manual processes, 同时自动确保您组织的支出政策得到应用和执行




  • 减少因断开连接的系统之间的重复数据输入过程而产生错误的可能性
  • 通过Blackbaud Raiser的Edge NXT®集成,自动化您的业务和开发办公室之间的信息流
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and maintain a tight audit trail
  • Improve donor transparency with dozens of customizable report templates


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常见问题解答 - Financial Edge NXT

  • Why does my organization need financial 管理ment software?
    Regardless of industry or size, every organization needs a system to track, 管理, and report on activity related to revenue, 费用, 和资产. 一个财务管理系统可以处理这些基本的会计要求,同时也提供从现金管理到预算和预测的所有工具.
  • What is financial 管理ment software?
    财务管理软件用于记录、管理和报告财务活动. As a central source for organizational financial information, it’s also used to inform strategic planning, 确保遵从性, 提高数据的准确性.
  • What is Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT?
    Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT是一个云基金会计解决方案,专为满足非营利组织和其他社会公益实体的独特合规需求而设计. 使用全面的工具来跟踪和报告财务活动,有效地管理您组织的财务, 确保遵从性, and maximize your mission impact.
  • What is the best accounting software for philanthropy organizations?
    Nonprofit organizations have unique financial accounting and 报告 requirements. 商业会计系统通常需要耗时的变通方法或昂贵的配置来满足非营利组织的需求,与之相比,基金会计软件简化了对专用功能的遵从,即精确跟踪多种收入来源,并根据资助者和捐赠者的规定将资金应用于支出.
  • Why use nonprofit accounting software?
    非营利组织必须能够证明有捐赠者限制的资金是根据捐赠者的意愿使用的. 基金会计软件是支持这一努力的一个关键部分,因为它允许组织追踪每一美元的收入和支出的原始来源.
  • Who uses nonprofit accounting software?
  • What is the difference between fund accounting and regular accounting?
    与商业会计, 强调盈利能力, fund accounting focuses on being accountable to supporters, 监管机构, 以及公众如何使用资源来支持组织的项目和使命. Fund accounting is used by government entities, 非营利组织, 和其他慈善组织适当跟踪和报告如何使用收入,以遵守其捐赠者和资助者设定的限制.
  • Is fundraising considered revenue?
    非营利组织的收入来源多种多样,从项目服务费到政府拨款,从合同到投资,无所不包. A common source of income for many charitable organizations, 筹资收入通常是通过资本活动等活动产生的, 特别活动, 直接营销, 和更多的.
  • What is fund accounting software?
    Fund accounting software allows organizations to track and report on segregated, self-balancing accounts in the form of funds. 除了列入整个组织的总体财务报告之外,这些帐户必须作为单独的实体,有自己的总分类帐和个别损益表.
  • What is cloud fund accounting software?
    Cloud fund accounting software is similar to its on-premises predecessors; however, 用户通过互联网访问基于云的应用程序,而不是安装程序. Because the data and applications are hosted, 云解决方案可以帮助组织降低从遗留系统过渡的IT管理成本.
  • Is cloud fund accounting software safe?
    Cloud security is a complex, continuous process. 这就是为什么云会计供应商对用于管理安全的遵从性标准实施严格控制的原因, 隐私, and the overall integrity of cloud services, even as threats become more sophisticated.
  • How does cloud fund accounting software work?
    There are a few key differences between cloud fund accounting software and legacy, 内部系统. 使用云会计系统, financial data is hosted by the software provider, the application is accessible anytime from any device, and the solution is typically licensed for use via an ongoing subscription.
  • What should I look for in cloud fund accounting software?
    在选择云基金会计解决方案时,您应该考虑以下几个因素,包括数据安全, 可用性, 可购性, 和供应商的稳定性. 云软件提供商应该能够提供关于解决方案运行时间以及云安全措施等项目的文档.


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